Coordinating and teaching young children remotely isn’t that easy, especially when done in the right manner. With the persistence of the Covid-19 situation, both parents and teachers have been caught up in the challenge of trying to transition at the same speed. Preschool online classes for your kids can be interactive and interesting just like the physical classes of done in the correct manner. We compiled a couple of tips to have your kid’s preschool online classes easy, interesting, and effective. 

What Can Preschool Kids Learn Online? 

The first question is the content to give preschool learners online, as a parent you are responsible to choose which content your kid shall learn online. Preschool learners need to learn basic social skills of life, academics, and routines. Choosing the correct material and plan for your kid shall make learning online fun. 

Preparing Your Kids For Preschool Online Classes 

Minimize distractions 

You shall have to set up a separate private silent space for your kid’s online classes. This is because kids get easily distracted by noise and other activities at home. In order to improve concentration and focus on the screen, do away with other distracted such as their favourite toys, and so on.  

Include learning brain breaks   

You already know that too much screen time is not good for your kid and you either. However, it has been discovered that fair screen time in a day is actually beneficial to health. Online classes shall have to take place from the screen, schedule your kid’s online class timetable so that there are brain breaks as they study. 

Kids get bored and lose concentration starting from 5-25 minutes if active engagement. Therefore, learn the concentration span of your kid d and set brain breaks in their custom relevant intervals.  

During the break, you can help your kid in performing some simple exercise. Repeated physical exercises shall step-ups your kid’s concentration and learning. Exercise shall also relieve your child of any stress and anxiety caused by the classes. Learn the best posture that allows your kid to concentrate fully, while you might be planning on going for the best kid study chair, most kids are more attentive while standing. 

Schedule and manage time for your kid’s preschool online classes 

As a parent, you got a lot of other stuff to do at home. Setting up a schedule shall help you manage time and, in the process, teach your kid how to manage time. Set the time for everything and let it be routine so that there is time for class, play, meals, and other activities.  

This shall help your kids develop more concentration, also, it shall prevent burn-out through the psychological setting of on-school and off-school hours for your kid. When developing your schedule, your kid’s preference and character shall be worth to consider. Some kids concentrate best in the morning while others don’t. Set the learning time at the time of the day when your kids’ attention is optimum. 

Keep editing your schedule according to your kid’s unique needs and abilities. Prepare a planner and take a record of all your kid’s online learning activities, the milestones, assignments, and other activities. 

Reassure and encourage your kid 

One of the challenging parts comes from a lack of motivational sources in preschool online classes. You, therefore, serve as the source of motivation for your kids as they learn. Reassure and encourage them to continue doing it. This keeps up the spirit and makes your kid comfortable trying more and finally making it.  

Allow for flexibility in your schedule  

Your kid doesn’t have to strictly learn that challenging mathematical concept now if they aren’t concentrating, just replace it with something else. Save the most challenging tasks for the time when your kid’s concentration is high. Let your child work on the easy stuff that she identifies with when you’re not by their side. 

Preschool online classes for kids with disabilities  

When it comes to kids with disabilities, it is a challenge to parents since they need an individualized education program. The best way is to engage an individualized education program specialist and get advice from them. 

Together with a specialist, identify barriers that might prevent online learning and remove them. Be keen to utilize relevant device special needs built-in technology. For instance, speech to text can help those facing hard times writing 

Keep your kids safe online   

Preschool online classes come with both advantages and kids’ privacy and safety risk disadvantage. Sometimes, you shall find yourself is taken away by some other activity, meanwhile, your preschool kid might encounter a pop-up containing adult material or any other provocative material. 

Your kids might take pictures or fall for click baits and more. Now that you are planning for preschool online classes for your kid, you have to teach them about the internet and things they can do to stay safe online. 

First, explain the internet to your kid in a simple easy to understand manner. Let them know what the internet contains, that it has a lot of bad and good things. Teach your kid to identify the security threatening stuff and the action to take in case they encounter such. Here are a few key kinds of stuff to let your preschool kid know. 

  • Teach your kid about pop-ups by showing them examples, instruct them not to click on such, and ask for help whenever they show up. 
  • The most times your kid shall be using their device, they should be taught to learn to stay closer to you or any other adult within your home.  
  • Let your preschool kid identify what personal information is, warn them against sharing such information online, preferably ask them to let you help when any information is needed. 
  • You need to set up safe browsing for your kid. Show the only relevant applications they need to use and further instruct them not to use any other apps on the device. 

Preschool online classes involve a lot of exposure and interaction. With the keep monitor and instructions of parents, kids shall stay safe and gain knowledge and even social skills online. 

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