When winter comes and the snow starts to fall or temperatures drop, it’s time for parents and children to explore the natural and human activities that beautiful winter. It’s cold so, how about a cool book(s) to let you and your preschool child explore the outside in the comfort of their room or wherever your favourite place is. Toddlers are inquisitive and shall find food for their curiosity during winter in winter books for toddlers. 

 When Should You Get Winter Books for Toddlers?

The winter is the best time to get winter books for your toddlers because it shall be easier to relate during this season, and also, most of your time shall be spent inside. However, nobody’s tied to this, depending on your toddler and your own preferences, you can read winter books to your toddler in any season. 

The Purpose of Winter Books 

Toddlers need to identify with their environment. Seasons are a basic part of the environment, the best way to let your toddler explore and learn about the winter is a good winter book. Winter books teach about the season in a kid-friendly manner and language. Toddlers learn about the snow, the animals and plants expected in winter, the activities, the clothing, and so on. However, with the flooded market, most books are just repetitive and give little value at the end. Here are some books to entertain and educate your toddler this winter. 

Goodbye Autumn, Welcome Winter  

As Autumn ends, cool temperatures in fall turn into the cold of winter, a kid deserves at least some explanation of such transitions. A good transition book shall help your kid identify the changes. Not environmental changes alone but also people, and occasions. 

We picked Goodbye Autumn, welcome winter as the choice book for your toddler to understand the transitions. It is a book written by Kenar Pak, that uses a tale of two kids who a brother and sister who take a walk in town as winter kicks in. They explore the changing environment and activities. They bid goodbye to the ending characteristics of autumn and welcome the environment and activities of winter. 

The two have a simple dialogue in this illustrative book to say goodbye to the leaves and the Robins. This is a book that shall help your toddler understand and appreciate the transition.  

Winter Dance 

Animals just like humans prepare for the winter. It is important that your toddler identifies with different winter animals. Winter Dance is a book that shall serve this purpose for kids perfectly. In an illustrative manner, the book uses the fox as the main character. 

He shows how all the other animals including the squirrel and the geese are preparing while the fox is still run out of options. Then comes the advice of each animal according to their practice and lastly, the fox chooses to finally follow the snow-flakes in their ceremonious dance. 

As you realize, the storyline is toddler friendly and raises just enough curiosity to keep your young learner attentive through the story. Your toddler shall learn about all the animals and how they prepare for winter, and the snow-flakes dance shall be a thriller. 

Over and Under the Snow 

As the whole area starts to fill with snow, it is time to let your toddler explore what is really happening out there. Over and under the snow is illustrative and shows your toddler what stays under the snow during winter. They shall discover how animals spend their winter and help your toddler appreciate nature even more. 

Let it Snow 

Winter comes with a lot of activities and festivities. Your toddler needs to learn all these activities. When winter comes, there shall be building snowmen and enjoying the wonders of hot chocolate. Let is snow is an illustrative book with most of the activities expected during winter well-illustrated for your toddler to understand. It shall make your toddler aware and appreciative of winter activities. 

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow 

Winter clothing is totally different and customized for cold winter conditions. The whole family shall at least experience a change in clothing including your toddler. Your kid needs to know the kind of clothing worn during winter. There are a lot of ways to have your kid appreciate winter clothing, the jacket I wear is a book that uses rhyme to teach your kid winter clothing. With illustrations to show your kids, they shall easily and happily learn. 

365 Jumbo Activity Book for Kids  

Winter is one of the seasons that your kids need a lot of fun activities to keep them busy, happy, and learning at the same time. Your toddler can join in some activities to better appreciate winter. 365 Jumbo is an activity book for kids that has a whole years activities. Therefore, during winter, your kid shall get fun-filled activities to do plus a bonus for all the other seasons. 

How To Make Winter Books For Toddlers Fun 

Choose the right books, illustrations make the kid interested and easier to follow. Reading and acting out texts from the book makes it interesting for your kid. Try to relate the story to the things your toddler is used to, this way, they shall easily understand and appreciate the book. Having a separate space for your kid and reducing unnecessary distractions shall leave you and your kid in peace to learn and have fun. 

Winter Books for Toddlers – Conclusion 

Toddlers are at a critical learning stage, they are still identifying with the basics of their surroundings. S said earlier, the only better solution is by finding books and winter shouldn’t be left out. Let your kiddo some winter activities, learn about animals during winter, the clothing, and much more that happens during winter. 

We put together a few outstanding winter books for toddlers to help you cover the start to the end of winter. Still, we believe that more research or recommendations can add more to your toddler’s library after these books. 

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