When at home with your 3-5-year-old son or daughter, you can only serve them justice if you immerse them in fun and educative activities. The inherent personality of kids doesn’t allow them to stay idle, provided they are awake. Instead of letting them waste time doing or engaging in stuff that doesn’t aid in their mental, physical, and emotional growth, why don’t you engage them in these fun at home activities for preschoolers and parents?

Informational Games

Instead of letting your kid lazy around, introduce them to information games. Information games are fun games you can create using readily available materials. Cut small papers and write down a letter of each kid’s skid’s names on each piece. You can as well write down your phone numbers, names, or your home’s address. Ask the kid to arrange the letters to form any of the names or phone numbers.

Play Letter Tracing Games

Tracing letters is another fun way to engage your kids at home. Preschoolers are old enough to understand the basics of drawing simple crafts. They will know how to trace letters in big words or sentences. Get a paper, especially one with dotted lines. Write down different letters in each of the boxes and have your kid highlight the letters by drawing with a pencil.

Create Tin Phones

Tin phones may look outdated in the modern era of smartphones. Through tin phones, your kid will get to understand something about sound waves and vibrations. Creating this kind of phone is fun and easy. You can do it in the comfort of your home with your kid.  Get two cans and cut the edges, drill a hole at the bottom and insert a string or wire to connect the two cans.

Tie a knot on both ends to keep the wire or string in place. As you try communicating through the tin phones with your kid, they’ll understand something about telephones’ working mechanism.

Play Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle games have been around for decades and are one of the best at home activities for preschoolers and parents. Assembling interlocked pieces in jigsaw games is fun and keeps your brain busy. These games are no longer made for retirees looking to have fun doing things that keep them engaged and their minds active. Jigsaw puzzle games are now available on smartphones. You can play them together with your kid to engage them and have them improve their motor and cognitive skills. With these games, your kids will learn to be patient and enduring.

Shape Matching Games

Spend better moments of your day playing the shape matching games with your kid. Preschoolers are already familiar with simple shapes such as squares, ovals, circles, rectangles, and hearts. Cut cards in different shapes and present them to your kid for identification. If your kid understands all the basic shapes, draw several shapes attached and ask them to tell you how many they’re. These kind of games are very effective in enhancing a kid’s cognitive skills. They force the kid to think hard and master the art of reasoning before making a choice.

Get Them an Electric Truck for Two

Nothing surpasses the fun of driving a small electric truck around your home environment together with your kid. It’s more fun when you let the kid operate the truck. There are many differently sized electric trucks for sale, some of which can handle up to 300 kilograms. Since you want to enjoy the ride with your preschooler to teach them how to drive, you have to get a truck capable of carrying both of you.

The different models and brands available come with different sized batteries that can hold power for varied hours. It’s up to you to decide which of the many electric trucks would be fit for you and your loved son or daughter. Before you buy, confirm the seat quality and ergonomics. You don’t want a situation where unconformable seats will spoil your remarkable moments.

Introduce Your kid to the World of Technology

In this era of contemporary technology, you can’t keep your kid away from technological gadgets for so long. Even if you don’t teach them how to run computer programs or create stuff using a computer, they will be taught by a closer friend or relative.  You don’t want your kid to be left out in the computer sphere. Even if you cannot buy them a kid-friendly laptop, you should at least try to teach them how to use your computer.

Kids are full of energy and will likely grasp everything you teach them during the computer training session. There is so much you can teach your kid to do on your computer. You can teach them to write their names on Microsoft Word or WordPad. You can also teach them to play games via the computer. If you’re the strict kind of moms or dads, you can introduce them to online learning.

Also, here are the best online preschool activities.

Talk A Walk to Enjoy Nature

We understand your preschool daughter or son is yet to achieve full mobility. They’re likely struggling to walk for long distances. However, that does not prevent you from taking a walk with him or her. It doesn’t have to be a miles-walk. Just ensure that you help them learn the names of different bugs, trees, and plants when taking a walk. Have them point the trees and bugs they already know the names of. After the hike, get your kid to note down what they learned.

Common Intriguing At Home Activities For Preschoolers and Parents – Conclusion

In the modern world where parents are so much engrossed in their work such that they rarely have time for their kids, it’s only wise to spend the weekends and holidays together with them. A few hours of engaging and entertaining your kid can change the perception they have about you. 

Don’t just make those few hours boring by doing the same things you do almost every day. Engage in some of the advanced at home activities for preschoolers and parents we have mentioned above. These activities are not only fun but also great ways for your kid to learn.

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