Health & Safety

Our preschool diligent safety plan promises a safe, sound and fun environment for your child to learn and thrive, one thing we can assure you, your kids are in safe hands.


“You trust us to look after your most precious little people. We take extra care to ensure every child at Kids Preschool is safe, healthy, and happy.”


First Aid

We make sure to safeguard your child. First Aid facilities are available for your child if they suffer a minor injury. Our staff members are trained for basic first aid requirements.Parents/guardians will be immediately notified if injury or accident occurs. An injury report will be filed depending on the severity of the injury and is at the circumspection of the staff person on duty and the administrator.


If your child is under any prescribed medication, the parent/guardian must come up with the medication along with the prescribed dosage stipulated by the doctor. Our staff will administer the medication as directed.


If an emergency arises, we follow an extensive safety plan. Our staff are skilled to execute evacuations, lockdowns, and other procedures according to requirements. Drills are carried out routinely to practice and update on these procedures. You can always take a look at our emergency procedures that are available in our building.


For preventing the proliferation of illness at Kids Preschool, we always request parents/guardians to keep sick children at home. Refrain from sending your kid’s to school if he/she is sick when awakens in the morning. If your child becomes sick while he/she is in school, We will ask you to arrange for immediate pick-up. In case you are unavailable, someone from your emergency list will be called.

Food and Feeding

We expect you to please notify us in writing about your child’s sensitivity with food or any allergy he/she is having. In case of infants, parents may supply breast’s milk or any supplements for feeding.

Play Areas and Playgrounds

Kids Preschool provides covered flooring for your children so that they can safely climb, jump, and explore. Art studio and eating area is included in our space. Recess time kids are taken outside if weather permits, therefore, make sure your child has clothing to wear outside.


Disinfecting of the play arena and eating areas done on daily basis by our cleaning staff. We make sure children are washing their hand before eating.


Our students’ security is absolutely necessary to us. The main entrance which is the access point is monitored round the clock. Prior appointments needs to be taken by parents and visitor if they are visiting and must sign-in upon arrival. Visitors are not permitted to disturb the daily curriculum.


Our goal is to ensure each child is taken cared of, supervised, and safe. Our supervision policies ratio complies with state and local regulations.


Transportation is provided daily for school, requests should be made in advance. For any field or day trips, parents will be notified and approval will be taken ahead of time. Children who need car seats and booster seats will be provided with that.


Each and every child’s wellness is crucial for their learning and development. At our centre, we practice sanitary habits to prevent the spread of illness. Students who are sick or have been absent from school for sickness to remain at home and return to preschool after getting clearance from the doctor. Parents/guardians must notify our staff about any sort of illnesses, injuries, or problems that occur at home.


We encourage parents / guardians’ active participation in their child’s education and development process. Your cooperation with our policies will make Kids Preschool a safe environment for everyone.

School Closures and Delays

Due to unpleasant weather conditions or emergencies, it’s maybe necessary to cancel preschool or close early. Parents/guardians should provide up-to-date emergency contact information in the case of closures. Parents/guardians will be our first point of contact followed by contacting those persons on your child’s contact list. If delay is caused in the opening of schools due to weather, there will be no before-school care and the delay will affect that day’s schedule.


Our primary focus is education and to take care of your children. Therefore, it’s not possible to answer or return calls immediately. Unless its an emergency Parents/guardians should refrain from calling the Center. In case you want to reach us, call or leave a message, and we will get back to you at our earliest. We try to return calls the same day or address issues the following day. As part of an open communication policy, we provide personal cell phone numbers for all staff members but at the same time, we request you to respect the staff’s personal time and refrain from contacting them after school hours or on the weekends.


To ensure kids remain in a safe and welcoming environment, our staff follows drafted disciplinary procedures. Spanking, hitting, or violence of any kind will never be used as a disciplinary measure on children.

Drop-off & Pick-up

Kids Preschool asks parents/guardians to follow the daily routine of all our curriculum. Getting children late to school will result in fines. When dropping off and picking up their children, parents/guardians must stick to scheduled guidelines.

Field Trips:

Kids Playschool will plan for field trips all around the year to complement our school curriculum and boost the learning process. Permission trip slips must be filled out and fees when applicable must be paid beforehand. Parents/guardians may be asked sometimes to accompany field trips.


Parents/guardians are required to pay their tuition on time as mentioned in the Parent Agreement Form submitted at enrolment time. Even if your child is absent tuition payments are due and needs to be paid on time. If a break in service is needed, the administrator must be informed at least 1 week prior to request. If there is other concern about payment please check with the administrator.

Photography / Media

We often use photography and other forms of media to capture student’s learning experiences and progress, even throughout the year, student will be photographed for use in the yearbook, website announcements, and other purposes. If you wish to decline this option, please do so by writing a mail to us.

Physical and Dental Examinations

Regular physical and dental examinations are required for all age-appropriate students. Forms are available from the  administrator.

Progress Reports

We associate with parents/guardians to evaluate each child’s ongoing progress. Every six months progress reports will be issued. These reports will keep track of the student’s growth and prescribe instructional plans accordingly.


Parents/guardians/family members who want to visit the preschool Center during operational hours should request access prior to the day of the visit. Granting of request totally depends on the discretion of the staff. We have many such opportunities in which parents are invited to the Center for events.

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