Both preschool and daycare offer safe care for your child, foster play, and encourage socialising. Preschool provides children with early education before they go for the formal schooling system, this helps them develop certain skills like social skills so that they develop the ability to interact with peer groups and adults.

Whereas Daycare offers service which provides supervision and care of children at daytime, when parents are at work. In daycare, your child will play in an unstructured environment.


Generally, this helps to prepare children for formal schooling and gives them a leg up in the early years. Children are trained to acquire social skills like interacting, respecting others, empathising and adjusting with others outside of the family.

At Kids Preschool, we believe in the power of education to set children up for success. We believe that by enriching the whole child, preschool can help students succeed in school, make friends, and become more confident.


It varies per child. Some children are more independent earlier than others. Preschool readiness of a child depends on development factors, most pre-schools start accepting kids from age between 2 to 3 years.


Yes, most of the preschool does have an online facility for payment of registration fee. It can be paid online using either a debit or credit card or by using any other form of payment available.


Yes. It will be separate form for each and every child.


Yes, whenever you want during the office hours.


Yes, Kids Preschool is committed to providing high-quality, affordable preschool to the families of Bangalore/Delhi. We offer a variety of programs at affordable price points.


The right preschool program should help the child grow and learn in ways that suit their unique mind. Some of the things that you should look for are that your child to be safe; to have a strong social experience, to find a loving and nurturing place that feels comfortable.


Choosing a preschool for your child is a very important decision. As you explore options for preschool or daycare, you should assess the educational curriculum, the safety procedures, the staff’s experience and training, the preschool’s reputation in the area, licenses the facility holds, and things that should be checked to ensure preschool is safe are like classrooms are childproof, no electrical socket, doors are child friendly there are CCTV cameras all around, they have proper drop policy, flooring, there is proper fire control system and evacuation process, emotional security is ensured for kids.


To ensure Kids Preschool remains a safe and welcoming environment, our staff follows outlined disciplinary procedures. Kids are trained to adapt to social skills so discipline is also part of the curriculum. Spanking, hitting, or violence of any kind will never be used as a disciplinary measure.

Kids Preschool provides everything your child needs to have a fun and educational day. Parents/guardians SHOULD provide any medications prescribed to their child, and should pack appropriate clothing for outdoor recess.

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