Astronomy Class

Activity and Game in early childhood is the best foundation for success in school. Our activities will challenge and develop your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.

The stars have fascinated humans from the very beginning. Some of our most fascinating myths and legends are forever linked to the glowing constellations of the night sky, as though the sky is a Broadway marquee with their names on it. Explorers have long used celestial navigation to find their way. Astronomy has also fueled our desire to go to space and explore.  Astronomy is an important branch of science that also has a lot of natural poetry and art in it. Teaching astronomy to preschoolers helps them develop a life-long love of science. It nurtures their natural curiosity and love of exploration. It expands their vocabulary and gives them an initial introduction to important concepts like what planet is and why we see the moon at night.


Kids Preschool is a great place for my son to start his schooling experience. He loves being there, especially loves Music classes with Mrs. Arya!


Our astronomy class is designed to introduce preschoolers to the awe-inspiring and rich landscape of space.  In the class they will learn about the stars and the planets. They will explore the shapes of the constellations and the planets that make up our solar system. They will create artwork that is out of this world.  They will have fun pretending to be astronauts in our space shuttle and learning about what astronauts do. They will play with toy telescopes and have the opportunity to look through a real one. Space is as limitless as your child’s imagination. Fire up that imagination and give your budding astronaut their introduction to the final frontier. Who knows, someday they just might be the first person to walk on Mars!


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Kids Preschool encourages parents to take an interest in the curriculum a preschool offers. It’s important to look for a discovery-based program, and not one that is primarily focused on drill and practice skills. While structure is essential, parents should look for a preschool that offers opportunities for children to make choices about their learning.

Of course, you want to be sure that your child’s preschool teacher is experienced and qualified. A good preschool teacher understands how children grow and develop. Ask about training and experience working with young children and with a developmentally appropriate curriculum. 

Preschools should offer plenty of opportunities for active play. Physical activity is critical for the development of a child’s gross motor skills and promotes health and well-being.Table time is also a must. “It’s important that children have daily exposure to fine motor activities, such as stringing beads, snipping paper strips, and pre-writing activities such as scribbling in shaving cream. 

Growing tots need to rest at some point during a busy preschool day, so don’t forget to ask the teacher when naptime takes place. Ideally, naps should be scheduled at the same time every day and should not last more than two hours (more than that may interfere with your little one getting a good night’s sleep). You’ll need to know if the school supplies a nap mat, sheet, or pillow.


November 2022