About Kids Preschool

Champions are not born.

They are nurtured, encouraged, educated, and loved.

We at the Kids Preschool never forget what it takes to create a champion.

Kids Preschool is not a typical preschool, daycare or childcare center. Kids Preschool is an early learning, private school utilizing the Montessori Method as its curriculum.

Kids Preschool is an early learning private school based on the Montessori Method as its learning methodology and its curriculum. Our Preschool program is based on age-appropriate learning procedures that help children gain knowledge through activity-based hands-on learning and problem-solving. Children gain knowledge from how they are taught rather than what they are taught and our motto is to make every child a winner, through our way of teaching.

We provide state-of-the-art facilities and a nurturing environment where children feel secure both physically and emotionally, our preschool gives your child the right start from the very beginning for a brighter future.

Kids Preschool balanced academics along with co-curricular activities that help in the holistic development, critical thinking and problem-solving ability is nurtured through by combining individual excellence and team play among its peers. In order to inculcate holistic education among kids, we follow end to end approach with each student, with an advanced set of curriculum.

Our belief lies in merging of technology as well as traditional teaching methods in the classroom, the discovery of your child’s inherent skills or talents, and try to give personal attention to each and every kid with our always exemplary teacher and student ratio. In other words, our Preschool has everything your child needs to begin his or her life. 

We would like you to come to our campus and experience what awaits for your child.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children will learn best by exploring their natural curiosities, curiosity is the expression of the urge to learn and acquire knowledge as it widens and opens up the mind. We try to emphasize on an interactive session with kids in the classroom to discover your child’s inherent skills or talents.

Our Vision

Our  vision of a community which is supported by parents, committed teachers and staff, and budding learners. Our broadest vision is to create a society that lives in peace, harmony and is respectful towards all forms of life and all people. Clearly that starts with training the young minds as they are the future society makers. 

Our Mission

We encourage brilliance, nurture interest, creativity, imagination and innovativeness of every child in the best possible way. We emphasize on the holistic development of your child through our curriculum.

Our core values

Learning & Fun
Our Preschool constantly conducts team-based activity making the child engaged in fun activities kept as a part of the curriculum, helping the students to learn.
Pre school healthy plans
Children's Health
We make sure to safeguard your child at any cost. Our staff members are trained for basic first aid requirements. We do have rigorous safety policies, Parents/guardians will be immediately notified if injury or accident occurs.
playschool children safety
Children's Safety
Our preschool diligent safety plan promises a safe, sound and fun environment for your child to learn and thrive. Every child is closely supervised and taken care of.
pre school safe environment
Nurturing Environment
Our primary focus is education and to take care of your children for that we promise to provide your child with an environment that is encouraging and nurturing in nature.
Teaching hours
Activities per year
Morning sessions
Full daycare
Outdoor Activites

Meet our Staff

Every staff member at Kids Preschool is dedicated to the safety, happiness and growth of your child.

Mrs Arya
Toddler Lead Teacher
Kids preschool staff
Preschool Lead Teacher
Kids preschool staff3
Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Kids preschool staff4
Pre-K Lead Teacher


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