A crucial part of the development of both cognitive and social is they become capable of choosing what they want or like from a very early age and whatever they choose for them adds value in their life in some way. Simple things such as they pick their toys which one to play with to which storybook to read or which colour clothes they prefer to wear, can actually build the foundation of their self-confidence and decision-making process. They need to learn to be critical thinkers, at their respective developmental levels, so that they can evaluate new situations. In order to become proficient in their ever-expanding world, preschoolers can meet up the need for them to gain experiences that encourage confident decision-making through their different series of programs. To achieve this successful process of confidence-boosting among toddlers they need to be in an environment that enables them to believe they can fulfil any task and develop new skills of socialization, physical co-ordination and problem-solving.

Here we are going to explain some of the ways that enable the child to learn the art of choosing and valuing it, inturn building self-confidence:

Picking the book of their choice

Generally in preschools reading out loud or storytelling from books are kept as a part of the curriculum, helping the students to learn and recognize numbers, letters, themes or colour. Sometimes individual students can ask for a particular book reading session in class, it will ensure every child the value of reading books and the participation process in this activity will surely foster their self-confidence at an early age.

Conducting Team-based activities

Preschool constantly conducts team-based activity making the child engaged in fun activities like making craft, or solving a puzzle which may look very simple, but it will slowly harness the socializing skills among them, they will learn to bond with others apart from family members, learn how to work together, it will teach them kindness and empathy while working with others, slowly start to learn to express themselves in front of others.

Creating Art together

Every preschool has the facility for children to learn the art. As art is a form of self-expression thus indulging them in some form of art or other from time to time whether it’s picking a topic of art, or colouring the sky green or glueing pictures together in a handbook encourage them to be themselves and building confidence rather than just binding the young minds with conformity.

Encouraging them to pursue sports

We all are aware of the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy“, so from an early age if toddlers are encouraged with outdoor sports with their peers, this helps them to inculcate the habit of team spirit, physical coordination and taking interest in sports. Sports is always a better way to boost one’s confidence be it a small kid thats why we have sports in their daily curriculum.


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