The internet has so much to offer for your preschool kid. There are hundreds of valid and practical activities for preschoolers online such that your kid will never lack something to do. Online, students can engage in virtual animal encounters, camps, museum tours, art, field trips, storytimes, and nature activities, all at their home’s comfort. All is needed for your kid to participate in preschool activities online is an internet-connected laptop, tablet or smartphone, and the zeal to explore and learn.

Entertainment Activities 

UNICEF kid Power aims to empower kids with its interactive video services. The site offers social-emotional and physical activity training videos. These videos can help your preschooler enhance their social-emotional skills. At SeaWorldAtHome, preschoolers can immerse themselves in the world of fun through park-inspired recipes and coaster videos. They can also learn how to colour pages and assemble crafts on the website.

Get your kids to play the amazing Marvel HQ games free of charge online. At Marvel HQ, preschoolers will have access to cartoon videos, comics, and fun activities alongside many games such as The Avengers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and more. Kids looking to learn the art of creating unique recipes, connecting dotted pages, colouring, crafting, and playing fun games can head to Dreamworks Activity Center to have a blast.

Get your kids involved in entertainment activities at the Play@Home Theater. Play@Home Theater is the home for the best kids’ indoor activity videos, DIY videos, puzzles, digital page colouring, word searches, and mindfulness.

Natural Activities Online 

The internet offers your kid an extensive range of special nature-backed activities online. San Diego Botanic Garden is one of the best online destinations for kids looking to connect to nature. The site offers many natural activities kids can do online, including garden scavenger hunting, doing kitchen counter gardening and more.

Kids looking to explore the uniqueness of nature online can also head to National Wildlife Federation. In this online destination, kids will learn about wildlife, wildlife protecting tips, and how to protect the environment the wildlife lives in. 

If you’re looking for a fun place to play nature-themed games with funny kid characters, you should head to PBD kids. In this online destination for fun kids’ activities, you’ll learn the art of creating your rainforest ecosystem, learn to plant seeds, and learn to recycle or composite items.

Educational Activities 

Learning online has become a common practice in most countries and states. Getting your kid involved in educational activities online can greatly boost their reading and cognitive skills. One of the leading online platforms kids should follow is Reading Eggs. The platform offers an extensive range of learning materials at a fee, including assessment quizzes, self-paced lessons, progress reports, and different learning areas. It offers more than 500 printable detailed lesson plans and worksheets to help your kid learn more efficiently.

For parents with kids that are struggling with maths, you should create a free account at Prodigy. The site makes learning maths interesting and fun by giving kids prices, allowing them to play with friends or go on explorations. The maths content on offer is customized to meet kids’ weaknesses and strengths in different learning levels. One good thing about the site is that it lets parents create free accounts to monitor their kids’ progress.

Sesame Workshop is another amazing online destination where kids can learn for free. Sesame Workshop is a nonprofit urgency focused on offering free learning materials for kids and families. Additionally, Other Goose is a personalized online learning destination for kids below seven. Erin Loechner, a renowned author and its founder, is currently offering training services three weeks free because of the pandemic. There are lots more trusted sites kids can find useful learning materials, including Study Ladder, Libraries, Learning at Home,, and more.

Online Gaming Activities 

Playing games online is known as an effective way to advance a kid’s mental health. As kids miss targets, they get to learn perseverance and self-control. There are many gaming activities readily available online, which kids below ten years can take advantage of. Among those activities can be found at Scholastic Learn at Home, which is rated among the most trusted sites that offer super-effective homeschool programs. The site employs robust and effective reading materials and games created with the kid’s learning needs in mind. The learning activities are presented understandably and practically to ensure readers can quickly grasp the concepts.

Another awesome place for kids to discover great learning games online is CBeebies. The site is owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation and targets kids below six years. It offers lots of education shows and games that feature characters your kids will surely love. The last amazing destination for kids looking for interesting games to play and learn is ABCMouse. The site offers tons of activities, including art, reading, math, and science teaching.

Also, here are the best preschool subjects to teach your preschool kids at home.

Kid-Friendly Performances

Kids can also spend their time online learning through concerts and performances. There are many kid-friendly online performances and concerts your kids can watch. One of such places is BroadwayHD, a platform that offers great Broadway shows at a price. First-time subscribers will get a seven-day free trial to stream and watch the educative content on offer.

Kids looking for inviting and amusing outdoor musical concerts should browse Spreckels Organ Pavilion for some of the world’s best quality concerts. As one of the best destinations for preschool activities online, it offers music concerts such as contemporary, rock, Broadway, and classic.

Amazing Educational and Fun Preschool Activities Online – Conclusion 

Get your kid busy in style this pandemic period by introducing them to different preschool activities online. With the many activities we suggested above, you’re 100% sure that you will find several activities to interest your son or daughter. Ensure your kid enjoys and learns more from the activities by engaging in different types of activities each day. Don’t just make his or her daily routine chiefly about educational activities. It would be better if you give them the chance to choose the activities they want to participate in once in a while.

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