Here goes a few tips or suggestions to deal with the anxiety issue due to separation of toddlers at the development stage-

If the child is getting upset, what should be done

Pre-school are generally well equipped with experienced teachers who can make the child understand and influence them for the transitional period of separation from parents. If the child starts getting upset it’s better to give it some time he/she may slowly adapt to the new environment. 

Every child is different if your toddler is taking more than enough time to adapt to the new surrounding it is suggested, to leave as soon as your child enters school, don’t linger around, it may sound harsh, but that’s the best thing to do to train the toddler to cope up in the new place. Even this will helps the teachers also do their job properly.

If the child starts crying, how it should be dealt with

This situation can be quite tricky and as a new parent, it can be very difficult for you also to handle this. Generally, preschool teachers handle this type of situation with empathy and reassure the kid and comfort them. It’s not advisable to isolate or ignore young children when they are emotional, some techniques like making them take deep breathe, reassuring them again and again or distracting them with some fun activity with the help of a teacher can help you to handle this situation.

How to prepare the child for going to preschool

One reason that children get upset is that they cannot imagine what is happening to them suddenly. So its always better if you explain the fun part about preschool where they can make new friends play sports, teachers. The important message with either approach is don’t just force it upon the child, it needs to be taken care with patience and care, one thought though just try to keep an eye open to your child’s reaction and responses as well, it will help you to understand your child better.

When you have a preschooler at home your anxiety knows no bounds, sometimes you are overwhelmed, sometimes you are anxious about the separation and sometimes you are stressed if your child will be able to adapt to the new environment. In fact, many of us as adults are stressed when we enter new environments such as the first day at a new job or a social event filled with strangers. It will be really unrealistic to say that the toddler will be ready to adapt in this new environment from Day 1, so what we can do here is give it some time and ponder over this.

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