Circle games are an incredible starter pack to an eventful day. These games engage preschoolers fully, ensuring they can refocus, awaken from sleepy sessions or organize them for a play. Preschool circle games are easy, and fun since all it takes is to stand or sit in a circle, and play some fun games such as throwing items to participants or eliminating participants that fail to meet a target. Check out our list of the most entertaining and engaging preschool circle games below.

Change Seats

The game starts after kids settle in their seats arranged in a circle. One kid will leave their seat and stand in the middle. As he/she tries to sit on the chair again, the kids will sit on it before him/her. He/she will continue trying to sit on their seat until they luckily find it, or the teacher calls for a change of direction. Once the direction change call is made and one of the students lose their seat, they will be the one to take the middle position. The game is quite exciting and works best if there are more than ten students involved.

Get Inside Circle Game

Second, on the list, Get inside is undoubtedly one of the most thought-provoking preschool circle games a kid can play. In this game, which can be played by children of any age starting from 4 to 10, the players form a circle while holding each other’s hands. Once the circle is created, the teacher will place a circle rope inside the standing kids’ circle. Now, the kids have to pull each other towards the rope circle as they hold on to each other’s hands. 

As they keep on pulling each other, some of the students will no longer bear the increasing pressure, making them inside the rope circle. The game will continue until only one participant is left outside the rope circle. The teacher will then announce him/her as the winner before the game continues.

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Handwriting Game

The handwriting circle is another of the most exciting and fun-packed preschool circle games. The game employs the same principle used in the Chinese Whisper and Telephone games. Before the game starts, kids have to stand in circles. The teacher will identify one of the students and whisper an alphabet to his/her ears. The child will draw the alphabet on the palm or finger of the child next to him/her. 

The process of writing the alphabet will go on until the last child in the circle. The teacher will then inquire from the last participant to know if they are anywhere close to guessing the alphabet they whispered to the first participant.

Guess The Rule

In this game, students sit in a circle outside the classroom. The teacher will then ask one of them to excuse the group for some minutes. The remaining participants will then decide on a rule to follow. The rule can be a change of tone when answering questions, unique standing posture or some seconds delay before a participant answers a question. The participant will be called back to the circle. 

He/she will have to monitor the reactions of other students as they answer questions. They will then have to guess the rule of the game. The game enables preschoolers to gain more confidence, have better communication skills, and solve problems with ease.

Preschool Circle Games – Sailing The World

This is another interesting game you cannot afford to get your kid involved in. In this circle game, the teacher has to mark each of the class four walls with compass directions North, West, East or South. They will then make the preschoolers act as if they are in a boat. The students will move in the direction of the boat as directed by the teacher.

You will then have to mention a particular direction, and the kids will have to move to that exact direction and back to the centre. If you ask them to sail throughout the world, they will have to dispatch to the four walls. Getting preschoolers involved in this circle game is a great way to boost their problem-solving, corporation and listening skills. It also helps boost their motor skills.

Personal Puppets

One of the best ways to solve preschoolers’ issues is to use game-like activities such as persona puppets. Persona puppets can address issues between students by providing them with an opportunity to express their worries and feelings. The game involves introducing puppets to the group to speak to the kids.

A good example is when one student is disturbing others in the class by snatching their stuff. The teacher can create a story that involves the puppet snatching toys from puppet Zoe. The teacher will then need to ask Zoe about their feelings and then the students for a solution. That way, the students who have developed the habit of tormenting others by taking their stuff will now know the pains their victims go through and adjust as per the new rule.

Remote Control

Preschoolers can also benefit a lot from this great circle game. The game is easy and full of fun. It involves acting as a remote control and then asking the students to act differently according to the remote button you press. Get the learners to act as per the actions of the remote. They can act as you pause, remind, move forward, or even start.

Common Preschool Circle Games – Conclusion

Preschoolers are very energetic, and the only best way to make learning easy and fun for them is to use activities that force them to think and react according to the different turn of events. Circle games are one of such interesting events that most preschools find very intriguing and fun. 

With the huge variety of circle games for preschoolers, you can always turn every learning section into a game-based event to make your learners better understand what you teach. Be careful not to introduce topics or games that are beyond the kid’s understanding level as that can leave most of them confused.

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