To all parents and instructors who know the real pain and deal in board games for preschoolers. We refer to all the boring games that beckon your sleep demons every time you sit to play with your preschooler. With little effect on your child since you cannot cope with it in the first place.

Now such boring board games for preschoolers made us go hunting for better games that have maximum impact on your kid and still your kid gets to enjoy. We had to look for a selection that you could actually sink into and love playing with your preschool kid.  

Why Board Games? 

Nature’s cognitive skills 

Board games are among one the tools that nature a child’s early development, especially their cognitive skills. Interesting board games shall help your kid to develop problem-solving abilities, memory, and other cognitive skills.

The good thing about board games is, as long as they are interesting to you and your preschooler, learning happens without any strain and even realization from the part of your kid. 


Assuming you’ve been busy the whole day, you need some personal time with your child at the end of the day. An interesting board game that is your kids favorite is what to start with, during the gaming you get to have fun, communicate, and generally bond with your kid. 

Other than this, your kid also gets to learn social skills, setting and achieving goals, and much more.  

Board Games for Preschoolers Precautions 

Board games should only be played by your kid with an adult around. This is because however the advertisement case, most board games have small pieces that can actually be classified as choking hazards. The fire only brings that game out when you’re around, additionally let your kid know about the risks of putting pieces in their mouth.  

Interesting Board Games for Preschoolers

Board games for preschoolers don’t have to be boring especially on the adult side. For perfect results, all of you should be enjoying instead of you getting bored and frustrating your kid’s psyche. This list contains the top board games for your preschool kids. 

Gobblet gobblers  

This cool interesting game for preschoolers takes 5 minutes and can be played by a maximum of two. Similar to tic-tac-toe, the game requires that the winner aligns all three pieces. This shall be engaging and interesting to not only your kid but also you since it involves thinking of the best moves possible. 

Interestingly, the pieces in this game can take up others while you are able to shift all your prices already on the game. It’s so much fun that the kids hardly realize they are learning. 

This game can be played between kids or a kid and an adult to help the kids develop both socio-emotional and cognitive skills. Kids develop critical thinking, problem-solving, memorizing, and a lot of other skills easily. 

Telltale fairy tales 

Kids of 5 years shall comfortably enjoy this game with adults. Allowing for 8 gamers at a go, this is a game that lets a family create stories, your preschooler included. The possibilities of the stories you can create are limited.

In this game, there are 60 cards which you pick randomly to create a logical story, none of your sleepy parts shall dare approach when playing this game.

With all that fun, your kids get to learn literal skills, listening, turn-taking and also aids socio-emotional development a lot. Plus, the game is broadly inclusive and new every time you play. You can utilize bedtime storytelling to come up with stories together with your kid and help them develop in the process. 

Hoot owl hoot 

In this game, players cooperate to bring the owls back to the nest before dawn. The game offers a collective challenge in which everyone contributes to a total win in the end. Kids enjoy playing this as a game but still lean group work, turn-taking, setting and completing goals, emotional development, and much more. 

The best thing about this game is that it’s not stressful, in that, the players work as a team rather than compete. This helps a kid concentrate and master the skill rather than operate on pressure and end up losing self-esteem in case of defeat. This is however not to say that preschool kids should not be trained to accept defeat. Best for age 4 and above kids. 

Sequence for kids  

Kids age 3 and above can play this game between themselves or better still with you included. In this strategy game, you pick an animal from your hand and put it away, and put a chip on the matching animal. 

This game shall let your kids easily learn strategy, turn-taking. The winner should have his four cards allied first. Your 3-4 year kid shall enjoy this game in groups of 2-4 players. Kids get to learn the sequence, memorizing, turn-taking, strategy, goal setting, and achievements among many. 

Tips to Get the Most Out of Board Games For Preschoolers 

In order to optimize the impact that board games shall have on your preschooler, you can do the following. 

  • Choose a board game that your kid likes or shall like, this shall encourage them to play and enjoy it while learning instead of stressful conscious learning. 
  • Board games shall best apply during bedtime or generally after evening meals, especially the storytelling cards. 
  • Always be available even when kids are playing between themselves, this way you shall be able to instruct them and also monitor in case of an issue. 

Board Games for Preschoolers – Conclusion  

Board games for preschoolers can be termed as a necessity if you want to train and help your kid developmentally and socially. Board games shall develop and improve your kid’s cognitive skills, self-esteem, emotions, social interaction skill.

Like we said earlier, not all games achieve this in the end, however, some like the above do work effectively. Get the best board game for your kid and get beside them to help them develop. 


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