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A Preschool also can be termed as nursery school, pre-primary school, or playschool, it is basically an educational establishment offering early childhood education to children before they start with formal education. It helps in a child’s emotional, social and personal growth and development. Interaction and exposure with children of same age group and teachers helps them to enhance their communication skills, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build self-confidence. It also helps the children to cultivate the skill to accomplish tasks and make decisions without their parents support.

Preschool in Bangalore

Early childhood experiences generally shape up kids for a lifelong love of learning. Preschools are much-needed in today’s situation, which is undoubtedly a welcoming development for parents and their kids especially, in an urban set up in cities like Bangalore, where both the parents are working it comes as a saviour for them but choosing the right preschool for your kid is very crucial. Our Kids Preschool in Bangalore comes up with a curriculum for children includes the day-to-day schedule, activities involved, and most importantly the manner in which they are executed. We have got branches in all the prominent locations of the city we are located in Mahadevpura, Sarjapur Road, and Electronic City Phase 1.

Our program is designed in such a way that it provides your child with a plethora of fun & challenging activities designed to stimulate their little brain thus, in turn, helping them with physical co-ordination, intellectual abilities, and social development. Engagement of children with art, physical fitness, music, play, and literature helps them to develop their cognitive skills, along with expression of self with confidence. Even these further helps kids to get a grasp over language, problem-solving abilities and critical thinking. The intriguing part is how do you best engage children with play and fun-based methodology of learning activities that will build a strong foundation of curiosity and interests for the world around in them. We try to go with an amalgamation of technology-based and traditional method of teaching, making the learning process more of an interaction process. We provide your child with a warm and comforting environment, passionate teachers and staff, active learning, child-friendly facilities. Taking a longer view, it has been seen that attending preschool boosts children’s high school graduation rates. Thus higher- quality preschool programs are associated with larger effects, therefore, make sure in choosing the right preschool for your kid.

The right preschool should help your child grow and learn in ways that best suit their unique mind as every child is different. Studies have found that maximum brain development is observed in the early years of childhood and hence, playschool play a very important role in crafting the overall personality. It is very important for parents to enrol their child in preschool to have a deeper knowledge of the needs of a child to promote the overall development of a child.

At Kids Preschool India we provide a curriculum inspired by international standards of education and are accessible for a very nominal fee. We have a team of experienced Teachers and dedicated Professionals and most importantly we are located in multiple places like Preschool in Bangalore, Preschool in Mahadevpura, Preschool in Sarjapur, Preschool in Electronic City giving you the opportunity to choose us from any of these locations whichever part of the city u may reside.

All the campuses are beautifully designed to make outdoor education appealing in the lap of nature with gardens, animals, and opportunities for your little one to wonder about the natural world, getting little hands dirty in outdoor play spaces improves health and brain function the same time in a safe, nurturing and child-friendly environment, but it’s our teachers and administration which is the most valued asset of our Kids Preschool that makes the journey of your kid beautiful and memorable one.

We have curated each and every program in such a way along with academic syllabus, we have included lots of events and activities throughout the year which include Environment Day, Rainbow Day, Colour Day to name a few. Kids Preschool curriculum caters early childhood education for children, and help them develop a range of skill set that makes them ready before they start with their formal schooling. These programs are particularly successful in giving children the necessary training required to increase the school readiness of young children. These are some of the skill set they generally start learning at preschool are :

Social skills: The potential to interact successfully with their peer group, and also relate easily to adults and learning to empathize accordingly.

Language skills: The ability to learn adequate language skills in order to express experiences and also to help kids in facilitating their cognitive, educational and social development.

Executive function skills: The ability to hold and understand the information in the brain, and then respond accordingly which can be managing one’s behaviour, problem-solving ability or be creative.

Emotional self-regulation skills: The ability to adapt behaviours depending on the current situation, to control reaction and to shift attention.

Self-regulation in learning skills: The ability to identify and attain long-term goals, sustain attention, be persistent, and remain concentrated without getting distracted.

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Our program offers your child a variety of fun & challenging activities designed to stimulate their physical, intellectual, and social development.

We always encourage parents to visit our campus while school is in session so that you can see first hand how the school operates. How the teachers are interacting with the students? How students are participating in that interact with the teachers? Does the classroom feel fun-filled with activities that are engaging the students and safe for your child? We have three branches in Bangalore in Mahadevpura, Sarjapur Road, Electronic City Phase 1, which are the most prominent localities of the City. We have our Kids Preschool, registered office at #64, Sarjapur, Bangalore 560035, India, you can always reach us on 91 981-051-7170 or for any specific queries you can always write to us on office working hours are Mon-Sun: 8.00 AM — 18.00. It’s extremely crucial to analyse the preschool you select for your child and be conscious of the choices around you. One thing we can assure you the objective of our Kids Preschools is to shape your child’s learning, cognitive, and comprehension abilities,
and to prepare him/her to be social, independent, and responsible for tomorrow.


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Preschool Bangalore FAQ

How much fees do Preschool in Bangalore charge?

Preschools & Day care centres in Bangalore charge you approximately anywhere between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 18,000+ per month.

Online information about fees can be access here. Click here 

Is there a nap time at day care centres in Bangalore?

Yes, day care centres have regular nap time and dedicated nap areas. Most centres have low individual cots for each child.

Click here to complete the form with your order-related question(s).

For how many hours can I keep my child at the preschool or day care centre?

Most day care centres and pre schools in Bangalore are open for an average of 9-10 hours from Monday to Saturday. Some are open on Sundays for half-a-day but will charge you an additional fee.

Is there a support staff along with the main caretaker at the centre?

This varies from centre to centre. While at some there is a trained support staff to assist the main caretaker, others have only the caretaker.

Do day care centres or preschools offer pickup and drop services?

Yes, many day care centres or preschools do offer pickup and drop services. Do check with the centre well in advance.

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