Xmas Party Celebration

The enthusiasm of observing festivals is highly appreciated by children. It is overwhelming to find that kids absolutely enjoy a theme or party pertaining to festivals. This promotes Indian values and instills value for our culture in preschoolers.

Preschool Kids specializes in a variety of events tailored for a preschooler which nourishes their mind. Adding events as a part of the yearly calendar works well for reinforcing elements pertaining to growth and development

Kids Preschool

kids have a structured event schedule in built in the calendar program to make it a success. With kids gaining more ideas about how to make subtle changes for themselves, they feel enthusiastic to follow a role.



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2020-12-24 8:00 am 2020-12-24 2:00 pm Asia/Samarkand Xmas Party Celebration Xmas Party Celebration and that day activities will challenge and develop your child’s creativity, imagination and social skills. Not indicated
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